Metal Signs

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Metal Signs

Metal signs offer a creative and durable solution for a range of needs. Whether it’s road signs, commercial or industrial signage, parking markers, or even reflective options, metal signs are the go-to choice.

Made from aluminum, steel, or bronze, these signs are built to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining a professional appearance. Their longevity makes them perfect for building plaques, directional signs, and permanent displays.

Choose metal signs for a lasting and reliable signage solution that stands the test of time.

Additional information

Finish Cut to size and shape. Rounded corners available. Etched out.
Thickness Thin gauge aluminum for lightweight options to thicker gauges for more rigid and durable signage.
Material Aluminum, Steel, Bronze.
Media Size Standard sheets are 48″ x 96″. Larger sheets available.
Installation Method Mounting with screws or bolts onto surfaces, posts. Insert into frames, or hang with brackets.
Common Usage POP and point-of-sale displays, trade shows, interior offices, wayfinding, promotional.
Pros Extremely durable and weather resistant. Display premium and professional image.
Cons Expensive and usually requires professional installation.

Top 5 Reasons why a Metal Sign is Right for You

Discover the versatility of metal signs and unlock their incredible potential in countless applications. From parking to road signage, these durable and reflective marvels are heavy-duty solutions that never compromise on quality. Let’s explore the top five uses for metal signs that go beyond expectations and deliver premium results.

1. Parking Perfection:

Guide drivers smoothly and efficiently with metal signs designed specifically for parking areas. Crafted from heat-resistant aluminum, these signs are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Their reflective properties ensure they remain highly visible day or night, contributing to a safe and organized parking environment. Whether it’s a bustling commercial lot or a small private space, these signs are the ultimate solution for effective parking management.

2. Road Warriors:

When it comes to road signage, metal signs reign supreme. Engineered to endure heavy traffic and weather conditions, these road warriors are resistant to fading, cracking, or warping. Constructed from permanent steel or sturdy aluminum, they ensure long-lasting visibility and provide crucial information to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. Rest assured, these signs will guide and protect, keeping everyone safe on the move.

3. Reflective Brilliance:

Enhance safety and visibility with reflective metal signs that shine brilliantly under any lighting conditions. Whether it’s a poorly-lit area or a high-speed road, these signs offer unbeatable reflectivity, ensuring crucial information is seen from afar. Their premium reflective coatings make them an essential tool for preventing accidents and guiding traffic in both urban and rural settings. Trust in their brilliance to keep everyone on the right path.

4. Heavy-Duty Excellence:

When durability is of utmost importance, turn to metal signs crafted from heavy-duty aluminum or bronze. These signs are engineered to withstand the toughest challenges, making them ideal for commercial applications that demand unwavering performance. From construction sites to industrial facilities, their robust construction ensures they stand tall against the test of time and maintain their professional appearance even in the face of adversity.

5. Premium and Permanent:

Choose premium metal signs for a touch of elegance and lasting impact. Crafted from high-quality aluminum or bronze, these signs exude sophistication and professionalism. Ideal for commercial establishments, they leave a lasting impression on visitors, customers, and clients. With a range of finishes and designs available, you can create a custom sign that perfectly complements your brand, leaving a truly memorable impression.


Unlock the exceptional potential of metal signs and witness their ability to elevate any space or purpose. With their heat-resistant, reflective, and durable properties, these signs conquer any challenge thrown their way. Explore the possibilities of aluminum, steel, or bronze, and discover your perfect metal sign solution today.

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