Acrylic Signs

$0.05 per sq in

Acrylic signs are crafted from a clear plastic material. Aesthetic that is modern, rich, and durable. Often used as a substitute for glass. Great substrate to display branding and wall art. Professional look and feel that is perfect for showcasing brand visibility.

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Acrylic signs crafted from a clear, durable, plastic material. Featuring a modern and rich aesthetic. Perfect for Plaques and Lobby Signs.

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Clear Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic, White Acrylic (for backlit signs), and Coloured Acrylic (various colours)


1/8", 1/4". Other thicknesses are available.


Aluminum Two Sides Polyethylene Core

Media Size

Standard sheets are 48" x 96". Larger sheets available.

Installation Method

Installed off the wall using Custom Mounting Studs, Standoffs, or French Cleats.

Common Usage

Lobby Signs (your company logo), door plaques, wall art, wayfinding signs, maps, dividers.


Modern and Sleek Look, Professional, and High End. Printable on both sides of acrylic.


Heavy. Can easily shatter if not installed properly. More expensive than other substrates.